Thursday, 17 December 2009


I haven’t seen my son for two weeks
And as the wife isn’t speaking to me,
And talking through the daughter is awful,
I can see the period increasing.

This is why I sought divorce advice,
And was told to leave it until
After Christmas,
But as I’m missing him already why wait.

And it looks as though she’s received a letter already,
As she called sobbing to say I may have brought
Her low but I would never take her children,
In best brave-heart fashion.

But all I want is access without her stressing when,
Although I would raise him if I could,
And do a better job than she unclouded as I am
By doubt and in tune my own personality.

And capable of independent thought I’d thrive,
Although my choice in wives
Leaves a lot to be desired,
And I’m not the finest listener.

But these are not the issues here, Harry is,
And if it’s had to become legal this season
Then so be it and I will have to clear out and wish
That bitch a Wary Christmas and Tattered New Year.

1 comment:

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