Thursday, 31 December 2009


Dad, Mum, Jayne and the boys.
Tammy in Missouri,
Kev, Simon, Russ and the lads in London,
Andy in Hull,
Tim, Chris, Mike, the 3 Brians, Luigi and Hussein @ UAMHQ,
Cindy in Seattle,
Jim in Alabama,
Thaleia in Bruges,
Suzanne in Ontario,
Sam in Toronto,
Rob in Philly,
Dean in Wisconsin,
Simon in Scotland,
Mike in Boston,
Leanne in the Midlands,
Magnus in Sweden,
Marisa in New Zealand,
Teresa in Leicester,
Andrew in Northumberland,
Kihu in Macedonia,
Taylor and Judith in South Carolina,
Erin in Bristol.
Sal down south,
Shireen in the Highlands,
The amazing Flawnt,
And all the rest of you wonderful people who have
Leant your support, comments and follows ALL YEAR LONG.

Here’s to 2010 (that’s Two Ten)


  1. We love you and will still be here for the amazing you in 2010. You got me all weepy now....wonderful northern minky 'x'

  2. Ah gosh... where's my handkerchief?

    Loads of hugs and congrats on this beautiful diary

  3. Thanx Ian.. Happy New year to you too my friend

    Rob in Philly :)

  4. I'll down a beer for you tonight Ian and it'll probably be the best beer in the world ;)


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