Thursday, 10 December 2009


It’s surprising what you can do with one hand,
Especially when telephones are clamped
To ears and attention spans
Are elsewhere.

I’ve learned to entertain myself in tandem
With her who in turn has stamped
Her authority on my land
Line all night whilst

Eating and drinking and opening closures
And trying hard to avoid exposing
Our slightly swollen
Fruit to the air;

Masquerading amidst the delightful supposes
Of networks either social or alone,
And suddenly exploding
Everything open:

Here is my love, and I am in awe of her spirit,
As flown free these past weeks with it
I’ve felt the hand of God lift
Me even higher,

And there are no ceilings to impose limits
Now; no out of bounds for me to visit
As I now know that we’re gifted
To use both hands.

1 comment:

  1. One word for this piece "Lovely" Hope to read more before 2010.