Sunday, 27 December 2009


The music in my ears is
Rattling my mouth
To such a degree that I can’t even speak,
And when I eventually
Open my lips there’s
Nothing but gibberish spouting from them.

However hard I try I’m
Left with feeling that
I really have nothing left of any worth to say,
But hey, that’s okay, because
Right now there’s not a great
Deal of anything that I want to fucking hear.

A little muscle has pulled
Itself on my wish list and
Left me in the grip of a rather stern intoxicant
That has locked me out of
The charming calmness
That I’ve been experiencing these last two months.

But I guess the only way to
Go is forwards as the order
Of tunes is increasing in proportion to my needs,
And before these in-between
Days are over I’ll have
Enough reason to acknowledge the verses again.