Sunday, 6 December 2009


I’ve been to distant halls,
And up to those doors where
Doubt employed curiosity to ward us,
But I still went forward

To the rooms inside where
Pride enjoys his past and imagines
A suitable future for his pawns to wander,
Regardless of their longings.

The far shores have called,
And several have had more of me
Than they ought to, intentionally or not,
But I’ve returned intact.

Made a pact with so many
Present tensions not to enact my
Current self upon their stretched surfaces,
And have still left my mark.

I’ve wished upon the sun,
And its sisters, whose pull has kissed
Me deeper than my own planet’s delights,
But has not yet invited me.

Keep sakes have been promised
To list makers in lieu of tomorrows new
Humility smiling kindly upon my adventures,
And sending me you,

And then today came to stay,
Instead of treading lightly past in case
I noticed, and with it flowed your coat tails which
Were there to be hitched.

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