Wednesday, 8 July 2009


There is the proof of life
I’ve been looking for.
I saw him spat out into
The world in front of my
Eyes onto a delivery room
Gurney and eternity purled
When he opened his own.

My questions will linger,
But I know they will
Remain unanswerable
As long as I ask them
Here; truth prowls elsewhere
While today it is only
The tally that matters.

Today only the facts at
Hand count, and they
Are suited inside him,
Rooted and hiding,
And as long as I live I’ll
Never have the gifts to
Be able to find them,

And why should I
Bother, as he will uncover
Them in time, and if it’s
To be he’ll educate me
Sufficiently to be strong enough
And content to face my
Eventual destination.

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