Friday, 3 July 2009

FRIDAY 3rd JULY 2009.

The daughter’s sports day was cancelled;
Probably on account of the fact that the
Intended entrance fee, for parents, had
The effect of discouraging them, and so
The Governors, unable to rustle up enough
Money to cover coffee and refreshments,
Pulled the plug on the whole event.
Lucky really as in previous years all we’ve
Been able to see from the sidelines has been
The stuttering of stick figures flickering
Around the farthest bends, and disappearing
Half way through each lap in the badly kept
Long grass, whilst being unable to take our
Cameras with us in case we turn out to be
----------So we weren’t too disappointed
To hear the news, as Murray’s in the semi
At Wimbledon anyway and displaying
How these things ought be done, and the
Daughter, she’s ecstatic due to the fact
That she always comes last no matter
What distance she dashes, like her dad,
Who also ran like a girl.

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