Sunday, 26 July 2009

SUNDAY 26th JULY 2009.

This is where I was:
In the shadow of ladders,
On the trail of a black cat,
Timberless and rabbit foot free,
Although the conies were happy for me.

This is what befell:
Work took a shy at my stall,
My house was clawed back,
My father left before his time
With a fancy dressed fool on New Year’s Eve.

This is what happened:
I picked up a pen one day,
It wadded thru my margins,
Scratching signs in the fields
And swashing thought bubbles from me.

This is where I am:
A little man lives in my arms,
His eyes remind me of existence
And I will impart in whispers our
Frail fable made marble every New Year’s Day.

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