Thursday, 23 July 2009

THURSDAY 23rd JULY 2009.

Strike with me and we’ll
Rip the tits of this bitch,
And match the backs up
And see just like me and
Be more than you in our
Flat racked rib sack. Sift
With me sister, and lift
The nipped bits from my
Listing chest, making
Fine the mess of bowed
Breast bones with cold
Sewn stitches. Frisk me
For a dick, and slice the
Niceties of society vices
Right off in front of my
Ice cubed eyes; spilling
My willingness and its
Accomplices down the
Fucking lane. Let me
Thread a dreadful hot
Needle point through
The soft joists of lust’s
Threshold and close it
Up for good baby, for no
More maybes shall be
Coming our way, as we
Androgynize our lives,
As separate apes, to live
Like similar fish; slipping
The skins of this damn
Day’s battle field to
Weld as a one headed
Species until God bobs
Up to rob more bones.

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