Tuesday, 14 July 2009

TUESDAY 14th JULY 2009.

If bits thought important
Have fallen into place
And the picture made
Has not changed then
They can’t have had much meaning to begin with.

If those most crucial hopes
Have altered so much,
And I haven’t moved
From my first crouch,
Then I must assume my expectations were wrong.

If my belief system has
Blistered so easily then
It was obviously not
Strong enough to take
The chafing and my entire armour is ill fitting.

If my protection has been
Infected by the slightest
Shift then I have to
Acknowledge it has
Never been right and neither has my visor.

If my sight was clouded
From the start then all
The cart roads favoured
That led to this dead end
Were not mislabelled but misread.

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