Saturday, 18 July 2009

SATURDAY 18th JULY 2009.

And so Henry has gone,
After living so long,
After reaching higher and
Guiding the finest of lives.
There for the first air corps and
The last plain songs of his nation;
A bridge from the Somme to Afghanistan;
A participant of the worst century of man;
An example of thankfulness in a world of the
Opposite, where worship is reserved for the first
Of the day’s availabilities and we clamour for
Assistance at the first sneeze.

He said cigarettes, whisky and women did it:
Nursing him through one hundred and thirteen
Years worth of ruthless images, cursing him to lose
Every friend he made at school and giving
Him time to see further into his own
Family than most men before. He’s
Gone to meet his maker, who made
Him so well, and we should cast
A mould of him to show how
Men should be thrown onto
Life’s turntable. (And Walter has
Gone with him to give witness.)

Henry Allingham
6th June 1896 – 18th July 2009

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