Friday, 10 July 2009

FRIDAY 10th JULY 2009.

Should I expect something to happen or go after a happening?
Brave space or quail from a cave in?
Launch a first strike or wait to retaliate?
Act like playground children
Or world leaders in their war room’s comfort,
Or a terrified pensioner behind his front door’s barricade,
Or be brave and take it on the chin
With whatever crumbs I’m given.

What would my dearly beloved do in such circumstance?
Pander to the needs of the many
Or handle business privately with a few?
Dance on the ends of hanging strings
Or pull them from positions removed from view,
Or shrug and take what’s offered with indifference and
That ‘I’ll get back to you’ attitude
That’s prevalent these days.

And you, who’ve known me for a lifetime’s worth of days
Or a day in the life of communication,
What response would you offer when time
Switches direction as quickly as this,
And what you thought was safe the night before
Breaks through the morning’s floorboards before you wake.
What does make the aimless so
Good at finding their mark?

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