Thursday, 30 July 2009

THURSDAY 30th JULY 2009.

On the left is our settlement, nestled
In the warm glow of electric mist
And full lipped kisses.
To the right the ravages of outside,
Peppered with listless rain and
Cracked mouths shouting.

Their noise falls from our windows
And doors, hindered by the
Sound of applause inside.
Our voices lift from the hive to give
Support in the corridors and cold
Hallways where confronted.

In dignity we breed and pass accounts
Of previous kin to reinforce the
Present, as they hold the fort,
While the government’s might sends
The length of its arm against us in
Vain and tasteless charges.

Incumbent and bitter, even after years
At it, and determined to scatter
Our gatherings for good,
But even with the help of ill weather
They won’t ride us round as long
As we keep our crowns dry.

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