Tuesday, 7 July 2009

TUESDAY 7th JULY 2009.

So the wife’s gone wild again,
And everything condenses.
Time once strung between tin
Cans is instantly transmitted, and
All its clockwork mechanisms micro chipped.

And anything that was, hard
Boiled or soft, is squashed into
24 hours worth of verbal abuse,
And I’m cut loose once more to shore
Up on the settees of friends and relatives.

More than not I knew this would
Be the case, once he was born;
I knew I’d have to brace myself
Against her and the crew she calls a
Family; I knew I’d fail to cling onto the rigging.

And indeed the seas have been
Rough before, but there’s always
Been a lifeboat to swim to, either
Launched or trawling, and I’ve been
Able to ride the tides home attached to its hull.

But this time, after such distilled
Syllables have been hurled, I think
I’ll curl as tight as limbs allow and let
The watermark of this extended chapter
Cast its scar then sink down to begin my life again.

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