Wednesday, 24 June 2009


A laser light eye sight failure
Enabled me to see, upon the screens of
Night time drive-ins, the hiding places of my mind.
The corners ordinary vision overlooks in favour of day’s play;
Where sinister insists on staying long after fleeting
Visits and the twists that wind around,
As rope, leave friction burns.
Reels of film spill from tins that stack
Tower like till toppled at the back, and flicker in
Response to naked bulbs lulled to swing in pendulum arcs
By shadows casting black charms; image after fast
Image laughs from wall to vast wall
Before being floored in turn.
Nothing that is next is better value
For its freshness, and the rest less, but all night this
Rush of muddied colour flushes through my rooms and by
Morning the steam from its meat has wiped its feet
Along my corridors as well, and my
Eyes are glad of brightness.

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