Friday, 26 June 2009

FRIDAY 26th JUNE 2009.

The internet was steaming
Yesterday evening,
And it had nothing to do with the heat;
Farah had passed,
And news of Jackson
Was trying to squeeze through the tweets.

Then word was rife that Jeff
Goldblum was next
On Death’s list of celebrity clients,
But his supposed fall
From a New Zealand wall
Only heightened the lack of reliance.

The forums were buzzing,
But most were too fuzzy,
And bloggers were head locked as well;
News rooms in melt down
As statements were yelled round,
But for an hour there no one could tell,

Until old Aunty Beeb’s
Twenty four hour feed
Confirmed all the worst of our fears,
That the web and its guests
Can compete to be best,
But the old channel’s still got our ear.

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