Saturday, 20 June 2009

SATURDAY 20th JUNE 2009.

Agitate old aches;
Excite the stages of awakening.
I’ll shiver in the sediment you flow along
And drip nonstop once stirred by your referral.

Create my day fall;
Assemble worthwhile members.
Coin phrases and their sentence space
And save them in new pages from wages made.

Salivate in alleys;
Spit me a soup of ripened fruit.
I’ll lap up the dust from lust filled pools
And sip a bullet full of honey from your mouth.

Enervate late hours;
Make tense the weakened eye.
Ready a room for slumber’s intrusion
And allow fatigue to leak into its solemn hole.

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  1. "You make Me Feel Mighty Real " - Sylvester & Patrick Crowley -