Wednesday, 17 June 2009

*WEDNESDAY 17th JUNE 2009*

I always walk the banks of frankness
On this day; the memories of which are most crystal:

A relative embarrassing me a school.
A rainy day.

The very last day I partook of education.
A rainy day.

My first house purchased, twenty years ago.
Another rainy day.

A truck fair in Driffield.
Too pissed to remember the weather,

A twenty fifth down the West End half blind.
A hazy day as I’d lost my glasses.

England losing to Jonah’s New Zealand.
A bit of sun.

A thirtieth spent on my own,
With no regard for the fucking weather.

England finally defeating Germany.
A lot of sun and vodka cocktails,

A fortieth walking to and from the pub,
And enjoying every blazing ray.

And so on until today, raining,
And a wish to have been born in winter.

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  1. I remember this one. I know this one. Let it rain. Let's enjoy the breeze