Tuesday, 16 June 2009

TUESDAY 16th JUNE 2009.

Sure I’m slower than before
But I’ve spent endless days
Dissecting the merits of destinations,
And the speed required to achieve them,
And discovered that these can still be
Reached at my own pace.

Space saving in the process,
And producing less waste;
Dedicating myself to the journey, and
Its furniture, and not worrying too much
About cutting the finishing line’s tape
First or preserving it.

Fitting into my skin with
Every season, ripening
And squeezing the pips of one more
From it in order to propagate easily and
Without need of freedom’s creatures
Leading me into formations.

I’ll do this my way as the
Needy pass by me to feed
Their never ending ventures with
Worth just mentioned; with my wife
And child, family and friends and
Will still get to the same end.

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