Tuesday, 30 June 2009

TUESDAY 30th JUNE 2009.

And with solid foods smoothed to a pulp
He gulps and holds our attention whilst
His vernal mind decides if he likes it; letting
Fly the contents of his stomach when he doesn’t.

Puréed puss is supposed to replace the
Milk he’s been filled with, but the look
Of it, either bottled, tinned or thinned in
A blender sends me reaching for a sick bag,

So I can’t really blame him for his choice
Of response, although the colour washed
Soup, that announced it was pudding and
Custard, tasted alright with my eyes closed.

He’s still small so we’ll give him as much
Grace as he favours to sort out his flavours,
But it looks, at this time, as though he hasn’t
Got a sweet tooth to lose his eventual few to.

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