Wednesday, 26 August 2009


I’ve been to the shore of euphoria
These past few days,
And I’ve managed to bring a little bliss
Back with me.

Tales of elation encouraged me to
See for myself
The source of their stories, and in doing
So they graced

Me with an extraordinary provision
Of my own to
Disperse as I wish, and here it is; the full
Extent of their

Wealth: joy spread on the bread of the
Land, and lightly
Toasted with a coasting sun, hardly
Exerting itself,

Then picked upon easily by all who
Feel need of it
And apportioned to those who don’t
Think they do;

Virally coughed until everyone
Stops to breathe,
And does so without risk of anything
Other than a tickling

Tongue, which let run, will jump and
Console the
Throats of folk who feel urgent for its

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