Sunday, 2 August 2009


Shove a photograph in front of your
Face and trace the path from its taking.
Stick another on the fridge and watch it’s
Magnet draw you towards fresh expectations.

Find an idle image in the back of
A draw and remember what you took
It for, or who handled the camera at the
Time, or the people you shared it with and

Where, and what they’re doing now.
Receive memories in the post and swear
To do your utmost to preserve their place in
Time forever yours. Keep them neat or creased

In your pocket for a fix when needed;
Shuffle a pack in a hard backed book or
Save to the gossamer space in the guts of
Computers or silvered valleys of compact discs,

And pick up the pieces and threads
That separate these flecks every now and
Again, but bear in mind that the image of you
In your prime existed without the times of your life.

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