Saturday, 8 August 2009


A little finger chased the rest of its friends
From her shoulder to her hip via the dip of
Her shapely, but recessed, waist; resting a
While upon a mountain of thigh before a
Thumb, impatient and grumbling, harassed
Its humbler buddies back again.

The flow of towing flesh continued until
The still form turned to learn what had
Roused her from slumber and, upon a
Glance at the hand, poised to mount
Her precipitous breasts, swished it sideways
With the indignation of the pestered.

Now this event left the right hand at a
Loss, so a conference was called with its
Brother, and after interlocking digits
They decided to address her frigidity
Full on by pulling off their friend and mentor
Who lived between their bare legs.

Some time later, when the she creature
Rolled her own fingers over the curls
Of his canescent chest, and edged to
His groin, they clicked to themselves
As she left rejected by the flaccid member
Who had already been attended to.

1 comment:

  1. i got excited when i read

    [quote]Glance at the hand, poised to mount Her precipitous breasts[/quote]

    lovely story :)