Monday, 24 August 2009

MONDAY 24th AUGUST 2009.

We plundered the urn
From those down under once again,
And we drank and sang and danced all night long
Till the children had to tell us to stop,
But for what it was worth we deserved
A little cheer at the business end of a year that has
Not been the best for the country
Or it’s wonderful folk.

And today there are
Several shades of headache
Competing for our attention, but the mention of
Such is fleeting as there are repeats
To be watched again in order to confirm
It actually happened and wasn’t some alcohol
Induced coma dream seen just before
Oblivion carried us away.

And Harry sits fittingly
On my knee, as I did my father’s,
And shares once again the actualities of it, and
As four years ago we make the
Same result, and even God played
Cricket on the seventh day as all good children
Know, and as they grow into men
Know more so all over again.

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