Tuesday, 25 August 2009


I awoke a wreck
The next day, with no ocean
Willing to hold me;
Though, staged in my favour,
I will always win
Evolution’s sweepstakes;
Lead on in pursuit
Of life’s filament fragile
Unwilling highlights.
Success has stressed me
When I’ve seen its greed up close,
My nerves prefer sloth,
Seem to have had my
Words misheard, when I was sure
I said what I did.
But once docked, the thoughts
I had of trading words are
Exported abroad;
Moored in harbours,
Awaiting the paperwork
Of my latest load.
Extinguish my last
Wish with its fulfilment, and
I will bid no more;
Steam roll my body
If you want, but my soul will
Still lobby beyond.
For at my side you
Will seldom see what’s going
On behind my eyes;
Turn to face me when
You want to make a place to
Call eternity.

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