Friday, 21 August 2009

FRIDAY 21st AUGUST 2009.

So there are less Flu numbers again this week,
And deaths have settled to a steady leak,
And there’s no wonder really as the media
Has dropped the story In favour of more
Vendible trends. And even if you had a sneeze
Last month you’ve probably forgotten about it this,
And are less worried about it than Afghanistan,
Or boiling unemployment or whether cricket fits
Into the soccer season. Personally I’ve been more
Concerned with family matters and the lack of
A summer to flatten out under. And my baby is
Gaining admirations daily and all the ladies
Say he looks more like me every time they see
Him, which annoys his mother, but what doesn’t.

So the year rolls into the inevitability of winter
Months, and trees, which only yesterday appeared
To be budding new colour, are rallying the last
Of their reserves to produce fruit. Skirts and
Shirts bulk bought for barbeques are being
Removed from view whilst jeans and means of
Heat retention are being mentioned. And as the
Labour government begins to reassemble, for
The last time in a generation, it ponders on the
Second wave of Swine Flu, anticipating outbreaks
In October, when all it has to do is give the news
Providers a date to announce, and once we’ve
Removed our heads from our arses long enough to
Study it, and panic, we’ll believe it into view.

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  1. Powerful. Oratorical discourse plus sardonic reportage equals incredible poetry.