Friday, 7 August 2009


Most of the people round here are sheepish unless whiplash pissed;
As amiable as they’re able to be until their circumstances demand
Otherwise or burdens of state or personal responsibility become
Too much to take, and then they drink to excess to make sense of it,
And the attention deficits previously championed are abandoned
In favour of a sudden and intense interest in your well being; to the
Effect that you have less of it than when you left home. The meek
Become seekers of biblical heretics at the merest whiff of cheap wine
Whilst the mild can turn vile at the drop of a bottle cap. In fact it can
Be a dangerous adventure these days just stepping down the street
For a pint or a punt: any innocent act can turn a stranger met into a
Statistical fact, or a friend, once known, can fully blow his wage on a
Super strength binge and then all talk of what you once did together
Is reduced to a raucous hitting match. Such are the reactions that a
Walk in the park can quickly become a tour of duty’s jungle fire if
Not underlined enough. Still come Monday morning, when all of the
Functional drunks have packed their rage and weapons away, the
World looks pretty much the same as it did when we were kids and
The only folk who drank were our fathers, and sensibly so, at social
Clubs, until, that is, someone spilt a pint of best, and you know the rest.

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