Saturday, 29 August 2009


The texture foxed him as it
Was egg instead of the chicken
Soup he was expecting,
As it would us,
With our supposed knowledge;
A representation of intelligence,
A simulacrum,
Stumbled upon along
Our lives.

He’s got the time, and I have
The life to fill it with, the words
To give: for every collection
Of sentences
There is always a correct sequence,
And though its order may differ from
Reader to reader,
Its relevancy and
Potency won’t.


  1. A rare poetical flow! If your not careful you will miss it? I enjoyed reading this piece. The fox and the chicken(great metaphors) *smhs*

  2. I looked up simulacrum, a great new word. I've read & passed it over, too lazy to break open a dictionary. I was connecting chicken with egg & didn't really think about the fox until I read JH_Poetry's comment. I'm inhaling this stuff & certain that I'm missing large chunks. Everything requires a 2nd & 3rd read. New things pop out every time. I find myself wondering who he is.