Wednesday, 7 October 2009

WEDNESDAY 7th October 2009.

I met you at work, and sat as you
Finished; helping you with your coat
And opening doors. We fought
Our way through the crush and I walked you home
Against your wishes, although you
Didn’t complain too much. At the perimeter
Of your bedroom window you asked
That we keep out of sight of for awhile.

I expressed my fondness for you,
And you teased me for my affection,
Then teased me with yours,
Slipping the tip of your tongue between your lips,
And tapping it against mine;
Prizing them open and tramping around
My mouth, capturing my script,
And gasping at the strength of it.

The length of your own talk walked
It’s way into me, and urgently we took
To the side of the road, which
Closed at our request. The rest was a blur of half
Caught words, terms of lust
And fast love fluffed, immersed in the
Rush, and the twitching of curbed
Hedgerows matched those of curtains.

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