Thursday, 1 October 2009


Harry passed his first six months
As evening fastened itself over the last of September’s sun,
And since he came to join this crusade
Against the pointless he’s made the greatest changes even
As the country’s collective chest is tighter,
Its breathing is lighter, its dilating eyes are highlighting fear,
For Harry has blessed us with half a year,
And if we’re still unable to leave a meaty comment alone,
Or condone the achievements of a receding
Government, these things pale into insignificance against
The twenty six weeks he’s given us.

And though my health is worse and
My purse more pillaged by villainous ministers, announcing
Change, arranged against these
Developments are the elements of my words; firmer for my
Son’s accompaniment, more certain
Than a won event and urgent in their furtherance of purpose,
And whatever perilous times line up against
Me as long as his hand is in mine, and his smile behind, then
All the meagerness of people employed to lead
Will be defeated by the simplicity of describing how much
More his life means to me than theirs.

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