Friday, 16 October 2009


Another day in the bank;
Another 24 hours to draw on when life thaws
And thankfulness calls.

Somewhere in its minutes
Will be a memory to skim; a remembrance of
Something worth returning to.

Another copper for the small
Change bottle that, alone, is worthless metal
But together a veteran’s decoration.

Steam cleaned and picked of
Rusted links: her dancing in Christmas knickers
As opposed to soiled summer pants;

Stealing a spider’s lunch from
Its web instead of becoming it; seeing ahead of
Events before being read and fled from;

Going to bed and waking refreshed
Rather than having your mind reset, and generally
Bettering oneself before the lenses’ inspection.

Hindsight is more abundant than its
Quickly redundant brother, as eternity lasts longer
Than the time you spend acquiring your wishes,

But there’s no safe haven, for that's the
Trouble with end of the world incidents, they're everywhere,
And unwilling to spare even the sweetest dreamers.

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