Saturday, 31 October 2009


The Halloween scene has been
In overdrive here this year;
Every little corner store has stuffed
Itself full of plastic hats and face masks,
And parents have been tugged until empty
Collecting them along with pumpkins,
And who the hell eats those in England.
And it’s not even a tradition in these parts,
Unlike Mischievous night,
Which follows it,
And Bonfire night immediately after that.
It seems to have been slipped into the schedule
Simply to bump up sales figures as the purchase of
Fireworks has been falling since the noise Police
Curtailed their availability.
Five years ago rockets flew from late
September, and fire crackers were
Slung over every hedge, accompanied by shouts
Of ‘Incoming’, but the naysayers have clamped down
On them and now they barely fizzle for ten minutes.
Still I’ll have a handful ready should
Any shoddily dressed wretch of a witch or
Goole town ghost propose to trick or
Treat me on my doorstep.

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