Saturday, 3 October 2009


What people did next was to sleep.
A process was perfected which
Allowed them to rest for years at
A time without ageing; being woken
Every Olympics or so, living a few weeks,
And sleeping once more; thereby
Passing some bad times in slumber
And effectively living longer.
After a while they chose to wake
Every decade, and preparations were
Made, and as they dreamt ever longer
Events the world changed around
Their tents, and once shaken from sleep
They proceeded to repeat the pattern.
Eventually they awoke every century,
And there were less folks to mention
It as most chose to do the same,
And the world looked less human and
All the more groomed for it. The dreamers
Were keener to return to their eternal
Adventures, spending longer and longer
Entrenched in their ethereal worlds,
Whilst the material one entered a
Golden age. After millennia there
Weren’t any men or women left to
Notice that the surface had coated
Them in a perpetual cocoon of womb
Like existence. The monitors blinked
For an eon before thinking better, and
Winked out, and nobody announced it.

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