Thursday, 15 October 2009


I swallowed the sun and moon.
Digested them overnight
And replaced them the following day.

No one noticed as it was
Particularly overcast, and I have
Sufficient energy to hold down
Dual roles.

So when the world bowls over
The pins of starlight, I am the patterns
On its face, and your place upon it

And when evening comes
Again, and you look for inspiration,
I will be there as well to render
You fulfilled.

And you who live around
The corners of Earth’s surface need
Fear no more from neglect,

As on all sides I rise to greet you
On your way through the future,
And will ensure you’re saluted
Day and night.


  1. You have a talent. I enjoy reading every word that you take time to write.

    even it somedays I don't understnad exactly what you were trying to express in your poem.

    I think I understand this one ;)

  2. Again, lovely. :-)