Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Is there a formula for the ugliness of the discovered
Multiplied by the age of the observer, or are we all
Displaced by evolution’s nervousness? Are people
Deteriorating in inverse proportion to technology’s
Advance, or do we just look dumb wrapped up in its
Blanket? Are we more damaged by the language
That we use or liberated from the clipped tones of
Landed yokes? Am I the only one to notice it? The
Drone emitting from illiterate corners of the state,
The rate of its increase; do others wish to rid their
Grid of idiots who emote parochially or operate
From the surface of their brains, scraping off the
Most recent gloss for use, refusing to delve deeper.
Am I the lone ravager of average? The only one
Who answers his own questions with more rhetoric?
And do others have their arguments used against
Them once they’ve been mentioned in their defence?


  1. The lone ravager of average...I like the way these words echo one another. I think we are deteriorating with this so-called advance, this progress of the cancer cell. Scraping off the most recent gloss for use...Yes & I am guilty of this, having delved too deeply & washed up on the shore breathless & shuddering. These glints of light, sparks of light off the surface of your icebergs, that's too damn deep already. They give us wheels & we lose are legs. The external increases & so on the internal we decrease. Cyber smoke signals to family members huddled beyond the the touch of fingers, beyond the touch of words & voices & fingers. Yes, I feel this slow decay as well

  2. I think I'm gonna exchange your words for mine, they're more beautiful and succinctly put, :)