Sunday, 27 September 2009


Another day.
Marked the same.
A venture into certainty
Where never meant to be;
Though we will be here to see it
Flaunting the emptiness of its hours.

Dad’s birthday.
He would have been 76.
He missed my fortieth and
The birth of his third grandson;
The one named after his own father
Who carries the family name into the future.

But he cared little for such;
Never once discussing tomorrow’s
Shoddy politics or religion’s dirty tricks.
He was more interested in his present, which
Has now settled itself into history’s frozen garden;
Spared the pain of corrosion in favour of exploding hearts.

And suddenly gone from us.
Nearly 4 years now and still our
Sour mouths cannot reconcile the flavour.
And still I long to say my piece to his abductors
And hope they fear me as much as they should do.
Happy birthday Dad, I will love you until God has to stop me.


  1. Thank you for sharing the love you had for your Dad. I lost my father almost 18 months ago and I miss him fiercely. He was my champion. He was my teacher. Every time I paint a wall,fix the toilet, or make a pie I think of him. He was 94. I know I should have been prepared but somehow I thought he was going to live forever.

  2. Thank you for reading. I thought the same of my dad, and we were devastated, but he went quickly, which was his last blessing.