Monday, 14 September 2009


Overnight the leaves have
Left their branches bare,
Gathered in great mats upon the grass
And turned the last of summer dumb;
Autumn’s carpet dampening bird calls.

Temperature has fallen by
Ten degrees, causing
Ordinary clothing to be stretched in
Its vesture, or quickly exchanged
For garments far too cumbersome.

If it continues in the same
Vein then tomorrow’s
Rain will be daisy faced snow and
There’ll be no time to spell check
My cell phone text in such deft cold,

And by the evening the big
Freeze will have seized
The last sense from a government
Already witless and citizen
Shy, and sideline their policies;

So the next morning, in place
Of a steadily retreating
Year, the world will be frozen;
Coated in a clear film and
Left for a better tepidness to find.

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