Saturday, 12 September 2009


In this universe
Everyone is planet rich.
Each individual world turns where
Their gravity has no effect upon their neighbours,
As great space is blessed with habitable satellites aplenty.

We’re stripped
To our slip-ons and like
Prize fighters hefted upon the scales, and
Every ounce is counted in the never ending bout to
Make sufficient weight to continue along unhindered.

Grinning as we
Gain altitude enough
To stake a claim to our own atmosphere;
Cheering further as removal men de-van the contents of
Our cute uncluttered lives around the prescribed biospheres.

A roomy seat;
A couple of feet with hardening
Undercarriage shuffle and peel in the
Bath room’s gasses, weekly sheets flaking away until
The newly groomed cutis is fully bloomed and comfortable.

Deploying a paw
Mark; employing a claw’s spark
For fire; seeding and reaping and sowing
Until seasonal and eaten to grow. Meeting in the middle
Of our social systems in order to solve riddles and breed over.


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  2. I was fucking around with "I like it especially the title"...thought better of it. exhausted bleary-eyed. I'll try to critique as best I can on Sunday.. I'll channel my dad, he wrote reviews of Robert Frost etc