Thursday, 24 September 2009


I’d like to live forever;
I’d like to see the weather this time next century,
See if it’s meant to be that ice retreats and water levels
Increase to meet the sky.

See how far we can fly
Past the moon and Mars and watch racing cars
Rumble under other suns, sports played at an interstellar
Level and art exchanged with alien patrons, framing
Our faces against star dust.

I’d like to know what pours
Out of the Oort cloud; what motivates Dark Energy and
Constitutes its Matter, what sticks us to one another and
Flings us into infinity.

See the site of the big bang
One day and comment upon its virility, and ask the
Curator what happened a second before; who got screwed
And why and what is the purpose of all this urgency if
The blink of an eye dries.

That’s why I’d like to live
Forever, to see Man's endeavour justified, my own child’s
Life magnified a thousand times and spread across the
Universe’s majesty until vast,

See how much good can be
Achieved when bad has no reason to be, as people will
Have no reason to fear, as God will come nearer to us and
Explain that this is the heaven he always intended for
Us to find once we knew our own mind.

(In response to an article by Ray Kurzweil)


  1. Sometimes, it's nice when inspiration finds us...even if it is Kurzweil! Nice piece my friend!

  2. Lovely, so lovely. This is exactly why I would like to be immortal. To see all this, "to see Man's endeavour justified." Yes, exactly.

    Well done indeed.


  3. This moment isn't taking place because it's impossible for it to take place. How can I be? Who what made me & why? & who made that which brought me into being? Born from the womb of Chaos, I am not appropriately shocked, stunned, the logical reasonable impossiblity of just another everyday, take it for granted, dime a dozen, forever unfurling moment. How is this possible? If I were on a psychedelic, that would be a comfort but I'm sitting crosslegged on a chair reading Ian's poem...Ian's poem. O, I liked it. It kind of took me away, got me to thinking