Wednesday, 25 November 2009


I come to write about today
But find my thoughts stuck
A quarter of a century ago,
When a few musos grouped
Together and made a little
Tune for Africa, whose long
Drought had clouded the
Land of Ethiopia in hunger
And privation and urgent aid
Was needed. And if in cynicism
We now live I still remember
The elation I felt at this event;
The minister for red tape had
Been evaded, taxes waived
And within a week the crowded
Sound was everywhere and
Instant music soothed us all.
The following year a concert
In north London brought the
World together for a day and
Made more options possible,
Paving the road of 80’s greed
With hope, if only for a short
While, and sweeping aside
The governance of suffering.
More was made of man in such
A short time than had been
Before or would do afterwards,
And even as the World has
Supposedly grown wiser so has
Its appetite increased and it
Now falls to us to try and feed it.

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