Monday, 2 November 2009


Through the vanguard of the weather’s army
I fought my way to the store;
Lines of leaves advancing at street level as
The remaining tree dwellers unhooked themselves
And made violently for my eyes.
The almost visible wind made a mockery of hat
Wearing, but only glued on baseball caps are seen
These days, and even they’ve stayed out of the streets
In the face of this gale. And eventually the sentinels
Of atmosphere’s memory saw me for the threat my
Feet projected and unleashed their worst upon me.
A shot volley of some distant valley’s rain attempted
To pierce my cheeks, but even water wasn’t up
To the test of another attempt, and relented, and though
There was a distant drum of thunder there was no cymbal
Crash as the last of the day’s persuasions attacked me.
Still it was a short walk, and a smaller list, and with ear
Phones plugged in to avoid the wind’s transmission
And inanities of family shopping days, it would be relatively
Painless. The new two for one’s were on today so for only an extra
Tune’s worth I searched a little longer for something new,
And was gone before the queues increased too much. Shoulders
Hunched with bags full of Sunday supplements and ready
For a harder haul back home, but the fortune of ordinary
Headwinds prevailed, and this one was a tail, and helped
Me along, and with hedge combed hair and arm cables
Straining I made my way in and returned to you.

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