Wednesday, 11 November 2009


So how do I write silence?
Try to represent the
Emptiness of a blank page,
Or repeat the word 160 times
To fill 2 minutes (I counted).

Address a thesaurus for
More sonorous
Adjectives to scream ‘Be quiet’
With from my type,
Or gripe about the lack of
Respect this
Simple institution fetches
Now, and whether
To partake of it upon the
Nearest Sunday
Cenotaph commemoration
Or on the day itself.

Attempt to be profound,
But no doubt
In the depths of this opinion
Sound as thin as
The letters minted here.

Or simply ask you,
My dear friend, not to speak
Of this piece or
Note it; never read it aloud
Or re-post it
But instead linger now for
The right
Amount of reverential seconds.

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