Monday, 30 November 2009


This is for you
My friend,
My enemy,
My love.

Myself made male.
Railing against the world and
It’s curtains;
Carrying hearts upon green leaved sleeves
That I gave you.

This is built
For you,
Spilt with the milk of my
Blind kindness.

I treasure you like the brother
I never had,
Like the partner in crime
That we were,
Like the fire we burned and turned to ash
And passed into compost.

This is created in
Your image,
In transience and loyalty;
For all the times I never called,
Or thought I would,
Or ignored you,
Or forgot to tell you
How very much you have always meant to me,
And how dearly I love you.

For Kev.


  1. You remind me of how very much more I need to appreciate the people around me. That blind kindness of yours is no joke. That's you. The real you

  2. Lovely. Wish more men would be willing to tell others how much they mean to them. Real men aren't afraid to do so. :)